market segments


The combination of nobility, elegance and hygiene of the material is perfectly suitable for hotel. In this way, they offer the best comfort and design while welcoming customers in a modern and warm place of relaxation. Moreover, the absence of seam reduces maintenance time and allows an optimisation of exploitation costs.

Facades and wall cladding

Thanks to a wide range of colors and many design possibilities, ATI offers a customization of facades and wall cladding as well as a very good UV resistance, which guarantees an excellent longevity of the installation with an aspect that does not deteriorate with the time.


With ATI products, all types of projects are feasible without putting any limit to creativity. The design blends with eco-responsibility of the buildings for the visitor’s pleasure. The fire resistance of the material and its numerous certifications ensure a total compliance with standards and safety to public areas.


The Solid Surface® allows an improvement of sales area and exhibitions The material highlights any kind of products thanks to a perfect visual match. Its specific properties combining solidity, functionality and durability are well suited to areas with high attendance rates.


The combination of great taste and visual pleasure for a moment of absolute relaxation. The malleability of the material and its infinite design possibilities offer a complete freedom in atmosphere creation and specific universe. All wishes can be realised with a large choice of combinations and possibilities. The hygiene certificate and the easy maintenance make the material very suitable for direct contact with food.


The Solid Surface® is ideal for each part of the accommodation, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The flexibility of the material and its unique properties are a source of an unlimited imagination for exceptional projects that combine originality and avant-gardism.


ATI features a smooth, non porous and stain-resistant surface which is easy to clean and thus ideally suited for working with food. All installations created using this material are resistant to household chemicals Futurist and with the highest standards in terms of hygiene, the material is an excellent support for kitchen practice.


Thanks to its unique look, water-resistant surface, and pleasant feel, the material is ideally suited for use in the bathroom. Regardless of the desired project, the material allows an easy maintenance and offers all the hygiene required in a living space. Ati proposes a complete range of sinks and washbasins that can be installed on demand and can be customized.


Specific high traffic area, the airport has to reflect its dynamism by offering the best care and service to the many travelers. The highly qualitative and aesthetic properties of the material, the durability and resistance allow buildings to remain in perfect condition over the years, despite the significant flow of visitors.


Ati’s range of products is suitable for shipbuilding. The material is ideal for high-demand installations and it meets essential criteria such as those for fire resistance and low flame propagation. The special composition and the quality of the material are certified in the field of the marine equipment directive.


Schools, training institutes, universities, all education organizations must have clean, functional and hygienic spaces to receive students and teaching staff. Seamless and non-porous, the Solid Surface® is in total cohesion with the large teaching spaces. Easy to maintain and hardwearing, the material allows establishment to keep all their freshness and modernity.


Robust and resistant to bacteria, dirtiness, the Solid Surface® is impermeable which provides an incomparable hygiene within health care facilities. Seamless and hygienical certificate guarantee a nonproliferation of bacteria and more security. Its high durability as well as its ecological benefits perfectly meet medical sector requirements and provide unprecedented comfort to patients.


Ati also proposes various ways to equip corner kitchen, lounge, bathroom, caravan, yacht and other particular mode of transport. Customized projects can be made to fit to small areas.


The Solid Surface®, totally flexible and thermoformable, allows to realize real works of art by not restraining imagination. The realization of extraordinary and outstanding projects is now possible with ATI products.


The translucent properties and malleability of the material brings brightness and lightness. The unrealizable shapes with other materials can be now modeled in Solid Surface® to become an unique object.